Episode #040 – LITZ (Hillcast)

The gang is joined by LITZ at Harry Brown’s Farm! This one gets wild! Garrett and Steve can’t believe all the crazy things that can walk out of a car wash and find out who lives underneath the soundboard! And how could I forget!? We talk about their big show with Lil Yachty and how he’s been a huge influence on LITZ’s music!

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Episode #039 – Analog Heart (Hillcast)

The gang is joined by Analog Heart, a vocal powerhouse, guitar-driven, genre-colliding rock and roll band, threatens to take over New England with their latest 2016 release, ‘Sun Here I Come.’ Analog Heart seamlessly combines alt-rock, pop, blues, alt-country, and R+B, among many other musical styles with jaw-dropping live performances that will take you on an unforgettable hypnotizing musical journey. 

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Episode #038 – HannaH’s Field (Hillcast)

The gang is joined by HannaH’s Field one of the most loving and warm bands we’ve ever had the pleasure of talking with. We talk about bus driving, tree houses, the recording process, and how Steve and Garrett illegally sold candy in High School. Check these guys out, they’ll win your hearts and your ears.

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Episode #037 – Broccoli Samurai (Hillcast)

The gang is joined by Broccoli Samurai a festival favorite revolving around synth-laden progressive electronica sound fused with soulful hints of funk and jazz. Check them out on their latest tour, happening now!

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Episode #036 – The McLovins (Hillcast)

The gang is joined by The McLovins as they gear up to release the “People Say” EP in January 2018. We dive into the craziness of first tours, Atticus Facts, John being his best self, and Steve learning to use AOL!

Photo by: Stephanie Saccoccio

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Episode #034 – Totally Submerged (Hillcast)

The gang is joined at Harry Brown’s Farm by Totally Submerged a Vermont based Rock trio that plays original materials and covers spanning Classic Rock from the ’60s through the ’90s.

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Episode #030 – VJ Foo (Hillcast)

The gang is joined by VJ Foo a live visual artist hailing from Portland, Maine – VJ Foo is considered Maine’s foremost live projection artist. Foo performs at intimate clubs, large arenas and outdoor events with audiences ranging from 100 to 5,000 people. Utilizing live video feeds, original animation, found footage and his real time video painting techniques, Foo chiseled out a special visual style that is not only enchanting but a must have for events.

Get Your tickets to Harry’s Harvest Ball October 6th – 9th, and see the magic for yourself!

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Episode #021 – Janis

The gang is joined by Janis, a comedian, advocate, and all around bad ass. Janis is well known as the MC at Harry Brown’s Farm and has countless dudes tell her “She’s so fucking funny dude”. Later this year Janis will be releasing a podcast where she takes calls and doles out the advice your mother is too afraid to tell you.